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Master & Bachelor thesis available

Master Thesis:

Short-lived kinematics in the Southern Andes, Chile-Argentina.

Records of short-lived changes in local stress kinematics induced by large magnitude earthquakes in the volcanic arc are short-lived and difficult to find in the geological records. However, earthquake-volcano interactions are recorded since the 19th century. Darwin first noted a link between subduction zone earthquakes and arc volcanism in his description of erupting Chilean volcanoes following the 1835 M8.5 Conception, Chile earthquake. This study aims at analysing faults and misoriented dikes in the Southern-Central Andes at both large- and small-scale. Particular emphasis will be given to tectonic features relevant for determining paleo-stresses, such as dike orientations, fault slip data, and extension of joints/fractures. An important part of the fieldwork will be to quantitatively evaluate the contribution of tectonics with regards to dike intrusions and mechanical deformation. This study is suited for a structural geologist interested in active tectonics, volcanoes, and mega-thrust earthquakes. This study involves a field campaign and it is therefore aimed at field-oriented geologists.

Contact: Matteo Lupi

Professor: Jean-Pierre Burg